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Store Owners FAQ

How does this work?

We take the designs that you have uploaded on our site and will show them to our visitors. If they use your designs for the price that you have set initially, you will get to pocket the marked up amount (i.e. total revenue minus base price of product). The customer will pay us directly and then we will forward your earnings onto your designated PayPal account.

There is no shipping and dispatch required from your side and the fiddly parts remain with us.

It's basically as simple as that.

Why should I join?

This is a great chance not to only make an earning by selling your creation, but also can build up your reputation within the art & design industry. This can lead to further opportunities and boost your upcoming sales. Most importantly, potentially there is nothing to lose as no upfront costs are required in terms of setup charges or monthly fees.

How much does it cost?

Running a store is very cost effective, and there is no initial setup costs. Depending on the type of store, we offer subscription fees ranging from no cost to at most $9.95. The different level fees are based on the features offered from each type of store. Please refer to our Store Plans for more details on its different features and the corresponding subscription fee.

How much can I make from this?

Theoretically, this is no limit to how much you can make on your store. As long as you keep your designs fresh and upgraded, there can be great potential in making a living from your store. We also have a Featured Shop section where store owners can promote their storefront on the homepage of the CowCow.com website.

Any requirements needed before I get started?

There are no specific requirements when running your store. However, we do request you to use designs of maximum size 10Mb. These should be in the format of .JPG or .PNG.

More importantly, please ensure you have the owner's rights to use all image before uploading them onto your storefront.

What types of designs can I use?

We try not to restrict specific types of designs as we believe creativity should not be limited within a certain area. However, any content that is illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, invading privacy, infringing intellectual property rights or otherwise injurious to third parties will be removed.

What products does CowCow.com offer?

CowCow.com offers one of the most complete range of products compared to any other e-commerce platforms. Our product lines currently feature over 400 products and it is increasing at an alarming rate with the work of our Research & Development team. If you want to receive the latest updates in terms of products, you can subscribe to our newsletters.

How do I upload my own designs to sell?

The design printed on the product is the soul of item, so it is important to be able make it exactly how you want it. Our built-in design software gives you the freedom to put your ideas across our product range, so customers will know exactly how you want to express yourself.

Start with the item you want to place your design on. Using the main menu bar at the top of page, mouse over Customize and select the product you wish to design. Click on CREATE IT. Using the design software, upload images to the product. Add text, re-size and position all elements of your design using the arrows on the screen. Once you are finished, check the design by clicking on Review & Add to Cart. See the final preview and if you are happy with what you see, Publish & Earn $$$.

You will be prompted to fill out information about your design, such as name, description, keywords and pricing.

What's the difference between the types of stores?

Depending on your own needs you can choose from 2 different stores. We currently have 2 tiers of stores; Free and Niche. For a list of easy-to-compare features, please check Store Plans.

How do I get paid?

During registration we will ask for your PayPal account (or to ask you to create one if you have not done so already) so we can pay your earnings. This eliminates the hassle of requesting your bank account details and makes easy access for which you can check your balance online.

What about managing the shop in terms of marketing?

Although running the store is your responsibility, if you require any assistance with marketing or managing the store, CowCow.com are more than happy to help. We offer Feature Shops participation and also special promotions for Niche store owners, which they can use for marketing purposes.

How is the markup calculated if a coupon code is applied?

Free Stores: This will depend on if the code is set by the store owner or by CowCow. Assuming the code is set by the store owner, the difference between the offer price and original price will be the responsibility of the store owner. For example, if the base price for a t-shirt is $9.99 and a store owner decides to mark it up by $5 and sell it for $14.99. Should (s)he offer a coupon for 20% off, the total will be $11.99, meaning the store owner will receive $1.99 in royalty. Should the code include free shipping to the customer, the original shipping fees will be deducted from your commission.

If the coupon is set by CowCow, the commission royalty will be set as follows: should the offer price be set below the base price, the store owner will be entitled to 10% of the sale price. Using the t-shirt as an example, if CowCow offers all t-shirts for $4.99 (below the base price), the store owner will be entitled to $0.5 in commission royalty.

Niche Store: All sales made through your Niche Store has up to 40% commission of the retail price. No commission is earned if a coupon code is applied to the purchase.