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How to get started?

  • icon - Design and Upload
  • Design & Upload
  • Sign up a CowCow account and create your own store
  • Create or upload your own design
  • icon -Choose a Product
  • Choose a Product
  • Choose from our large collection of products and upload your design on it
  • icon - Earn Money
  • Earn Money
  • Publish it so it can be seen and bought on our platform

Why CowCow?

100% Customizable

  • All our products can be all over print
  • No restriction in designing space


  • Domain hosting for 12 months
  • Setup cost
  • Monthly fees


  • Over 400 different type of products (including clothing, bags, accessories, etc.)
  • Unlimited no. of products per store


  • Set your own earnings
  • Super low cost per item


  • Over 1,000,000 annual visitors
  • Weekly features of random product/designs on social media
  • Designs have a chance to be displayed on website/email newsletters

How does it work?

  • 1.
  • Step 1
  • We provide a platform for artists to display and sell their designs on hundreds of different products.
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  • 2.
  • Step 2
  • Offer user friendly tools for artists upload and customize their product.
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  • 3.
  • Step 3
  • Once your customer place the orders, we prepare, print, and ship to customers doorstep.
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  • 4.
  • Step 4
  • From start to finish, our customer service representatives will be available to answer questions or concerns for store owners, designers, or customers.

Store Plan

Get everything you need to sell your designs online
Your first 12 months are FREE

Choose a store plan from below that best suits your preference:

  • icon - Free Store
    icon - Niche Store
  • Free Store
    Niche Store
  • Sign Up Fee
  • Monthly Subscription Fee 1
  • Store Samples
  • First 30 days Free Trial
    icon - no
    icon - yes
  • Product Base Price
  • Own Domain Website Address
    icon - no
  • Own Domain Email Address
    icon - no
    icon - yes
  • Customizable HTML Store Front
    icon - no
    icon - yes
  • Profits Sent by PayPal 2
    icon - yes
    icon - yes
  • Monthly Sales Reports
    icon - yes
    icon - yes
  • Featured Store Participation 3
    icon - no
    icon - yes
  • Technical Support (via Email)
    24-48 hrs
    12-24 hrs
  • Customer Service Provided
    icon - yes
    icon - yes
  • Free Trial 12-month Niche Store Subscription,
  • Monthly subscription fees (or part of) will only be applied toward profits made by your store. For example, if a Niche Store owner makes a monthly profit of $0.99, he will be only charged $0.99 as the monthly subscription fee. If the profit is $39.99, the subscription fee of $9.99 will automatically be deducted and the remaining $30 will be credited to the store owner's account. Subscription fees do not accumulate, which means you will never pay for any previous months' subscription fees. For Niche Stores, you will be charged $0.99 for 5 years after the initial 12 months has passed.
  • When your combined earnings reach the preset amount (minimum $25), they will be transferred to your PayPal account on the first day of each month. If either of these days falls on a public holiday, the transfer will be delayed until the next business day. Keep in mind that your PayPal's email address should always be up to date. If you do not have a PayPal account and choose not to get one, you can consume your earnings on
  • Niche Stores featured on CowCow’s homepage and subpages are randomly selected by our server.


Your creativity deserves a price! CowCow will provide a base cost for each product and you will determine the markup which will be added as the retail price to your customers. The difference is what you will earn when someone orders items with design that you have uploaded.

  • Our Base Price
  • Our Base Price
  • icon - plus
  • Your Profits
  • Your Mark Up
    (Your Profits)
  • icon - equal
  • Retail Price
  • Retail Price
Base prices vary for each store program, click below to view the base cost for products.