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Pick out the designs you like or upload your own onto any of our products


Post your unique affiliate link to any social media platform to allow us to track your customers’ purchases


Pick up your pay packet of up to 60% commission rate as an affiliate marketer
SELECT, SHARE and EARN! It’s really that simple!
Start Cashing In Today!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before the craze of social media, traditional marketing strategies typically involved in advertising to the masses. To make marketing more effective and relative to you, we believe affiliate marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is now becoming better and profitable for our users.

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer. All we ask is you are an administrator, page owner or an avid contributor of an interest group. The reason is we want the content to be appealing to its audience rather than just posting some random designs to a bunch of friends. For example, if you post a yoga t-shirt design on your local yoga group, it is more likely to make a sale than if you post on your own Timeline.

Interest group
Tracking ID

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

All our URLs can be posted on social media and we can track it to see where visitors come from. All affiliate marketers have their own unique Seller ID (shown at the top of this page). To make your own affiliate marketer URL, just put the Seller ID at the end of the link. For example

Normal URL: http://www.CowCow.com/love-dogs-men-cotton-tee_p113218150
Affiliate Marketer URL: http://www.CowCow.com/love-dogs-men-cotton-tee_p113218150?959905

With this unique ID in place we will know exactly how much to pay you!

Why Does My Percentages Change?

You will notice there are 2 percentage rates. One is for the person who posts the URL to the URL and the other is for artist who uploads the design to CowCow. If you are posting your own design to Facebook, then you are entitled the combination of those two percentages.

The percentage rates may vary on different accounts depending on sales capacity. Please be assured there is a minimum of 40% Seller’s Rate at any given time.

minimum of 40%


Social media platforms tend to dislike URLs that appear to include an affiliate ID at the end. To overcome this problem, we suggest you use a URL shortening websites such as https://goo.gl/ or https://bit.ly


Do NOT post affiliate links only to interest groups. To avoid a spam-like looking user, we suggest you to post other related content to the group/page too. If the other users feel like your post has too much of a sales pitch, they will not click into your link no matter how good the design is. We recommend no more than 1 in 5 posts are affiliate links.


Post regularly and consistently; this not only applies to affiliate links but to all posts on your page or group. Users and fans will get used to when you normally post and form a habit when to check your page. If you are posting once or twice per day, make sure they are posted around the same time each day.


Only post on pages and groups. If the design is deeply related to the interest of the target audience, they are much more likely to click the link. Do NOT post links on your own Timeline or Instagram or Twitter (unless you are an A-List Celebrity).


Choose wisely which design you want to promote. The hint is within the name affiliate marketing. Affiliate yourself with designs that you approve and relate. Ideally, use your own design ideas. The bestselling designs are usually those that are original and people can relate to.