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What are Niche Stores

icon - Niche Store
  • Ecommerce platform mainly for clothing product
  • User friendly with live support
  • Attracts customer with common interest
  • Space to express and display what you desire
  • Personalize brand label and packaging
  • High commission and earning rate
  • Sell designs from other artists
  • Manage your store anywhere and anytime
  • Great exposure for your designs

10 Reasons to open niche store

  1. No Setup Costs icon - no setup costs

    No setup costs. All you need is time to setup and manage your website

  2. super HIGH COMMISSION icon - super high commission

    Super high commission. Up to 40% commission per sale^

  3. your own BRAND NAME icon - your own brand name

    Build a website under your own brand name and clothing tag

  4. low MAINTENANCE icon - low maintenance

    Low maintenance; no stock inventory, packing or shipping issues to handle

  5. highly CUSTOMIZABLE icon - highly customizable

    Largest range of customizable clothing items on the Internet

  1. competitive BASE PRICES icon - competitive base prices

    Highly competitive base prices

  2. track RECORD icon - track record

    Proven sales track record

  3. no MONTHLY FEES icon - no monthly fees

    No monthly fees*. Website domain fee waived+

  4. paid UP icon - paid up

    Paid up to twice a month via PayPal

  5. flexible WORKING HOURS icon - flexible working hours

    Flexible working hours; work as little/much as you like

^30% commission to the Niche Store owner. 10% commission to the product design’s artist

*$9.99/month waived for first 12 months

+Domain fee up to $14.99 to be reimbursed

All You Need To Do Is DESIGN

  • icon - create
  • 1
  • Designer
    creates art pieces
  • icon - orders
  • 2
  • Customer
    likes it and orders
  • icon - ship
  • 3
  • Cowcow
    produce, pack and ship
  • icon - happy
  • 4
  • Customer
    receive and happy

Sample Websites

★ concon ★ by emu ★ concon ★ by emu
CustomDress Me CustomDress Me
Be Leggings Ready Be Leggings Ready
DressMartMe DressMartMe
SportsBraMe SportsBraMe
CustomWindbreaker CustomWindbreaker
CustomTankini CustomTankini
Women's Swimsuits Women's Swimsuits
CustomKimono CustomKimono
CowCow Hoodies CowCow Hoodies

For questions relating to our Niche Stores, please contact our Customer Support by emailing .