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Affiliates FAQ

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of reward for people who drive traffic to our website. Affiliate Marketers will post links of specific designs to social media and online forums and if anyone purchases those products, the Affiliate Marketer will get a percentage of the sales price as commission.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

All the links that our Affiliates post will have an unique ID. With this ID, we are able to track whenever someone enters our website. If they buy the product, the Affiliate will receive commission as a reward for driving the traffic to our website.

How much commission does an Affiliate Marketer makes?

Commission can fluctuate between 40-60% depending on your account. We guarantee a minimum of 40% of the product price (shipping fees excluded). The artist who uploads the design to the product gets 6% of the product price. For example, if you uploaded a design to a T-shirt and posted the affiliate link to Facebook, should someone buys the T-shirt using the link posted, you will earn 46-66% as commission.

What are Collections?

We understand sometimes you will want to recommend more than one design. Without having to spam your target group, you can group those designs together and form a collection. Not only that, you will have the freedom to offer discounts to your audience. For example, if you are a yoga enthusiast, perhaps you want to share a collection of yoga leggings designs with your fellow exercise lovers. Using just one URL showing a host of designs will appear cleaner and more professional than posting several links for different designs.

When using Collections, how will it affect my Commission?

If you setup a Collection with a discount, the commission you get will also be reduced by the same percentage. For example, if the original rates for the affiliate and artists are 60% and 6% respectively, these will be reduced to 54% and 5.4% if a 10% discount is used.

What is a Super Affiliate?

A Super Affiliate is a website that is a clone of CowCow which attracts its own Affiliate Marketers. For example, all the product designs from CowCow are copied to a new website called The owner of this website, otherwise known as the Super Affiliate, can find Affiliate Marketers to post product links on social media, forums and pass onto friends. Each time somebody purchases an item via these affiliate links, the Super Affiliate receives 5% of the sale price as commission. Commission rates for the Affiliate Marketer and Artist remains the same, regardless of whether the item was bought on CowCow or other Super Affiliate websites.

How do I set a Super Affiliate Website?

Go to My Account and then All Stores. Open a Free Store and fill in the relevant information. Go to and find a website that you like and is available for the right price. Once you have purchased the website domain, mouse over your username and click on Manage My Domains. Then click on Manage DNS. Change the nameservers to the following:


Go back to CowCow and fill in your domain address in Store Profile. Type your URL address in the browser and your website should now be ready to use. If you are having any problems, please contact our Customer Service team.

Learn more about our Super Affiliate program here

How do I upload my own designs to sell?

The design printed on the product is the soul of item, so it is important to be able make it exactly how you want it. Our built-in design software gives you the freedom to put your ideas across our product range, so customers will know exactly how you want to express yourself.

Start with the item you want to place your design on. Using the main menu bar at the top of page, mouse over Customize and select the product you wish to design. Click on CREATE IT. Using the design software, upload images to the product. Add text, re-size and position all elements of your design using the arrows on the screen. Once you are finished, check the design by clicking on Review & Add to Cart. See the final preview and if you are happy with what you see, Publish & Earn $$$.

You will be prompted to fill out information about your design, such as name, description, keywords and pricing.