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Waterproof Temporary Tattoo -----Three birds Drink Coasters 4 Pack (Heart)
Waterproof Temporary Tattoo -----Three birds Drink Coasters 4 Pack (Heart)  Front

Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Three Birds Drink Coasters 4 Pack (heart) Rubber Heart Coaster (4 pack)



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size : 10.5 cm x 6 cm Quantity: 5 in One Piece ? ? ? ? ? ? ? FREE IMAGE PROMOTION ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - Add this shop to your Favorites. - Add 5 or more items to your shopping cart. - At check out use Promo Code : FST2014 - Get one of the images for free or a $2.00 discount on your entire purchase. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?FREE IMAGE PROMOTION ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? INSTRUCTIONS : Step 1 Place your image side down onto the wet gel painted surface. Using the roller, lightly press the image down to get rid of any air bubbles and excess medium. Tip: Getting rid of air bubbles will help bond image to surface. Lack of bonding will create a distressed look to the transferred image. Step 2 Let it dry. Step 3 When throughly dried. Use warm water either in a spray bottle or container to damp rag or sponge. Evenly spray the paper with water, until saturated. Step4 Use your damp rag and with small round movements, lightly scrub the wet paper off. It should easily tear away. - Lasts anywhere from 2- 5 days - Safe and non-toxic - Ships immediately, within 24 hours of placing your order - Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive - Remove with baby oil or rubbing alcohol http://en.dawanda.com/product/69338731-Waterproof-Temporary-Tattoo------Three-birds

Perfect as house warming gifts, our heat-resistant rubber coasters are durable and will be the perfect compliment for your drinks. Backed with an under-layer neoprene rubber to prevent it from slipping, this practical drinks accessory is great for both home and office use. Machine washable. Measures 4"(w) x 3.25"(h).

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