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Sofia Youshi's Profile

About me :
place of birth: Europe. After school for design and photography I worked in theaters. From 1983 my activities have included theatre costume, set, puppet, toys and visual promotion design, sound creating, acting, directing, choreography and performing. My work includes exhibitions as well as documentary videos and dance performances. Since 1995 I have been working on computer art: music, graphics, animation, logo-types, and have been creating web-sites and participating in Computer Demo parties, signing my work with the pseudonym Sofia Youshi. Six years ago I started to work with animals in the Zoo. I create constructions and toys to enrich their life. My main work interest is in animal enrichment, with focus on careful and construction-aware design. Many years of experience in theatre set design help me to find quick, safe and solid solutions to make animal care as best as possible. The focus of my work is on the qualities of safe construction, ease of use, sanitary standards, money and time saving, which will engage the spirit and emotions of the animal, evoking a sense of mystery, excitement, or joy.
Location : Slovenia
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