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Tile1 Black Marble & Brown Stone (r) Samsung Galaxy S4 Classic Hardshell Case (pc+silicone)

7 reviews

Rubber Silicone Color :

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Product Details

A beautifully shaped brown stone tile pattern with black marble lines.

Tired of searching a totally unique cover for your device? What about designing your very own one? This new line of phone cases features a water transfer printing technology which produces much sharper images with vivid colors, prevents your pictures from chipping away. It also allows images to fully wrap around all sides of the case and leaves no visible border at all.

This custom hardshell case is made of rugged, durable material to withstand everyday use, protecting your device from scratches and damage. It is simply the perfect gift for anyone who has a cell phone, including you!

  • Dual layers of inner soft rubber silicone and PC plastic hardshell combine case
  • Fits the Galaxy S4 international version
  • Protect the Galaxy S4 from impact and dust damage.
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • 8 rubber silicone colors available
  • The case covers the back and corners of your Galaxy S4
  • Image printed over the edge and around the sides of the case
  • Lightweight: weigh approximately 36g
  • Matte finish
  • Includes 2 clear screen protector films to protect the front of the device from scratches

SKU: 1191
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Reviews from customers who purchased: TILE1 BLACK MARBLE & BROWN STONE (R) Samsung Galaxy S4 Classic Hardshell Case (PC+Silicone)
TILE1 BLACK MARBLE & BROWN STONE (R) Samsung Galaxy S4 Classic Hardshell Case (PC+Silicone)
Really good protection
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Others
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: This case overall gives good protection from front first falls and back first falls and even sides, but if it falls on the sides or back may scratch or crack your hard shell case that's covering the silicon case. The print quality is alright, but when looked closely can see the image has been cut off where the camera is and can see lines on the prints. As well, the print is darker than the actual image.
Pros: Good protection from falls. Double the protection.
Cons: Print quality .
Bottom Line: I would recommend it at the end for the 2 piece case and comes with 2 screen protectors.
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TILE1 BLACK MARBLE & BROWN STONE (R) Samsung Galaxy S4 Classic Hardshell Case (PC+Silicone)
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I was in desperate need for a new phone case and when I saw the deal they had here, I had to take it. I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I GOT MY PHONE CASE. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.
Pros: Clean, not pixelated, glossy.
Cons: None!.
Bottom Line: Really cheap and very good quality phone case.
Location:Los Angeles, CA

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TILE1 BLACK MARBLE & BROWN STONE (R) Samsung Galaxy S4 Classic Hardshell Case (PC+Silicone)
I LOVE it, but I didn't love how difficult it was to get on my phone!
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I was very excited to have gotten this in the mail, as I had been checking the mail daily since I placed the order (haha...). I may have set my standards a bit too high, as I was expecting a slightly... bulkier phone case. The hard case itself is made of thin white plastic, and the rubber insert is incredibly thin. Regardless of these things, however, my phone feels protected! I actually dropped it onto hardwood floor (accidentally), and my phone and case survived without a scratch (but I don't suggest you throw it at a wall or anything).

The printing of the hard plastic is actually very nice and clean, but the edges of it are an unfinished white. My case also had a number of spots where the paint chipped off, revealing the white underneath, but I don't mind them much.

Now... about the fit. I was afraid that it would take me just as long as one of the other reviewers before me, but it didn't. ... because it took me far longer!! I struggled, shoved, pulled, and begged for some miracle to happen in order for my phone to fit in here. After about forty minutes (I took a five-minute break somewhere in the middle), I cried out in happiness: my phone was in the case, and it was a PERFECT FIT. A harsh, very difficult fit, but perfect nonetheless. I don't have the problem of my phone feeling overheated, however, so I'm glad it doesn't do that. :)

TIP FOR PUTTING ON THE CASE: Keep the rubber skin inside of the hardshell, not on your phone. Turn off your phone, because you may end up pushing the buttons over and over. Slip in one side of your phone first (I did the right hand side, so as to not turn on my phone). Then, hold the left side of the rubber skin in place as you push in the left side of the phone. It should pop in well soon enough. :) (I wish somebody had told me before I tried every other way!)

This phone case DOES NOT have charm strap holes, like my photos show. I did that myself, since I like having a wrist strap for my phone.
I also upgraded to the matte finish, and I couldn't be happier!.
Pros: Printing is superb, insanely perfect fit (like a second, tougher skin), protective, and the matte finish is absolutely dreamy.
Cons: Harsh white on the unfinished edges, frustratingly difficult to put on phone (but worth it).
Bottom Line: Take a good amount of time out of your day to get your phone into the case, but it will be worth it, once it's in there!.
Location:Carson, CA

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