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  1. You must have an existing account with

  2. To use VIP Store / Niche Store, you have to first register your own domain name or you can register a new one at ActNowDomain.Net. The cost to register a new domain costs around $10 per year if you purchase it for 2 years. For the demonstration on how to register a new domain with our VIP Store / Niche Store’s domain name servers, please see below.

    Be sure to use a simple domain name for your VIP Store / Niche Store as to keep it easier to remember for you and other users. For example:

  3. Since we are using Paypal’s subscription system, you must have an active Paypal account. Paypal’s payment services are fast and simple which makes it convenient for you to receive your VIP Store / Niche Store’s profits. If you do not have a Paypay account, you can create one at

  4. You must register your own VIP Store / Niche Store domain name using the DNS name server below.

    Here are our VIP Store / Niche Store DNS (Domain Name Servers) records:

    If you have registered a domain already, please change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) records to above name servers. Watch this video to learn how to change the Name Servers.

  5. You must keep the VIP Store / Niche Store’s domain login and password secure for your own use only.

  6. You are recommended to learn all of the features for Free Store / VIP Store / Niche Store’s Drop Shipping Reseller program as you will be responsible for replying to any questions from your customers pertaining to your VIP Store / Niche Store. We will also extend our support for any issues that require extra assistance.