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Create a personalized hip flask

Tired of paying for overpriced drinks? Transfer your alcohol from home into a personalized hip flask for any upcoming outing. A personalized hip flask is convenient, discreet and there's a certain class to it. It is certainly the perfect way to disguise your alcoholism whilst remaining chic and cultured. That’s why people say a personalized hip flask is the ultimate gentleman's accessory. Lightweight and compact, a personalized hip flask can be carried easily in your bag or pocket. Bring your personalized hip flask along to work meetings, church or any other event that needs a little zing. A personalized hip flask is also the perfect gift for any booze-loving friends. Add a personal touch to the hip flask using our designer tool and give it to any friend that likes to take shots without being too obvious. Now let’s get sippin’ some tipples in distinctive style with a personalized hip flask!

by onesevenart