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Roof555 Night Luminous Mugs
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Add a little bit of fun to your coffee mug. This luminous mug makes it easy to see your designs in the dark. Excellent print quality.

  • 11oz capacity.
  • Includes box.
  • Handwash only.
  • Not suitable for microwave use.

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SKU: 275
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
Reviews from customers who purchased: Roof555 Night Luminous Mugs
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Roof555 Night Luminous Mugs
Great custom mug that glows in the dark
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: Very nice custom mug that glows in the dark. I have purchased both their morph mug and Luminous mug, and would highly recommend it for someone who wants a unique mug.
The image you choose on the mug will glow in the dark and i've found that depending on the color of your image, the glow may be stronger or more subtle. In the images I've shared you will notice that the blues and blacks tend to glow more than the brighter oranges and reds. So if you do want a very strong glow I think a picture that is generally darker and has more contrast is the best option.
Item came safe and well packaged. It had a plain white box with shrink wrap so it felt like a new unused item that can be gifted. Shipping was amazing, I paid registered airmail and my cup arrived 10 days later.
Only thing I would like improved would be if the image can cover more of the cup. And I feel the image might be slightly uneven (millimeters) from left to right but not very noticeable. Also while the shrink wrap on the package was good a sticker of the image on the cup outside of the box would make it perfect for gifting.
Pros: Glows in the dark. Customizable and looks great.
Cons: Can't cover entire cup with image.
Bottom Line: Great product. Nice glow effect.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Roof555 Night Luminous Mugs
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Others
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I ordered this. Actually as a mistake.
My plan was to make a morph mug to a friend, but I've f*ucked up.
So was a bit disapointed when it arrived, cause I have used so many different things on it.
But it turned out great.
Pros: No matter how much stuff you put on this mug, you can still see it light up and thats amazing. Very clear print.
Cons: None.
Bottom Line: I never thought I would order one of these, but now. When I did it by mistake, I'm actually considering making one for myself. I love it :-).

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Roof555 Night Luminous Mugs
I just loveee those mugs
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: its great amazing thing to gift this mug and you tell them that it lights up in the dark, you should see the faces and when it does happen, its just cool thing, having a few mugs like that, they are very popular in the house.
Pros: the quality stays the same fro the start to the beginning, it doesnt fade away, my mugs are still in the same shape since I got them! they are really great thing! Love them!.
Cons: nothing.
Bottom Line: try it out, you will be hooked.
Location:Sligo, Ireland
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