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Pastel Roses Antique Vintage Mini Tote Bag

4 reviews
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Product Details

Pastel Roses Antique Vintage

This 100% heavyweight 12 oz top quality cotton/polyester blended canvas fabric tote bag holds all of your goodies in style. Top quality with extra wide and long straps that offers exceptional functionality and carrying comfort.

  • Measures: 11"h x 14"w.
  • Non-fading and non-toxic
  • Machine washable
  • Fabric: Canvas(F23)

  • Please note that due to the limited printing area, patterns used on the straps may be trimmed. In addition, photos and text are also not recommended for this area.

    SKU: 1558
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    Reviews from customers who purchased: Pastel Roses Antique Vintage Mini Tote Bag
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Pastel Roses Antique Vintage Mini Tote Bag
    Cute product
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Others
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: This is a nice wee bag, with strong colours and fairly good reproduction of my artwork on the canvas-sy fabric (especially since the original images were about half the size they have printed here).

    When designing your own, please be aware that anything outside the dotted line on the template will be on the seams, and therefore folded over and not visible (which resulted in the decapitation of some of my animals - but that just makes it look like it's cut from a larger swab of fabric), so keep all important stuff between the dotted lines in the centre.

    Whilst the overlocking stitch looks pretty neatly done, in some places - specifically the handle, there are a few loose threads.
    Pros: A colourful and fun accesory. Good colour and art reproduction. Double stitching around the handles.
    Cons: The computer-generated sample image is misleading in that the actual item folds the outsides down - so when designing your own, please take their advice and keep all important artwork inside the dotted lines. A few loose threads here and there around the edges.
    Bottom Line: I am looking forward to using it to carry around my art stuffs to conventions and conferences. Especially since I should also soon have a pencil case to match it! Would make a fun gift or promotional item. Would also be nifty to use as "goody bags" at conventions or other events.
    Location:New Zealand
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    Pastel Roses Antique Vintage Mini Tote Bag
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Myself
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: Loads of room in it, light weight bag. you can take it everywhere with you.
    Pros: all good.
    Cons: nothing bad with it.
    Bottom Line: all good, light weight, big bag, great quality.
    Location:Sligo, Ireland
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    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Pastel Roses Antique Vintage Mini Tote Bag
    All over print Motley Crue bag
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Myself
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: I just recently created an all over print bag with pics of my all time favorite band Motley Crue! It came out wonderful! The pictures are colorful and the bag is a perfect size! There are pics of them that are black and white vintage and color. The handles say Sixx Sense, which is the name of Nikki Sixx's radio show! I couldn't be happier to have such a unique item that NO ONE else has!.
    Pros: Nice size bag and picture placement is well done! I just wish it would have had either a zipper or snaps, but that's ok...I can add my own!.
    Cons: Are you kidding??? It's a Motley Crue bag!! No cons here whatsoever!!.
    Bottom Line: This would make a great gift...for family, a friend...or yourself! =).

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