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Photo Tee - Introduction

Don’t be a TEASE,
just style up your TEES!

Tees are a staple in any wardrobe, and chances are you’ve worn your favorite go-to tee a tad bit more than you would like to admit. I mean who has time to organize and plan an outfit when you’re leading such a busy life?!

Worry no more!

We’ve come up with plenty of quick and easy ways you can pull off a fantastic outfit without sacrificing the comfort of your tees. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and owning some key signature pieces of clothing and accessories to turn your plain old t-shirt into a style that’s anything but plain.

Style Up:
Mix & Match

Decoration Image
  • Photo - Mix and Match: Sophisticated


    Wear your tee to a meeting by pairing it with a pant suit or a blazer and an elegant full skirt for an alternative business casual look.

    Turn up the sophistication to this business attire with a simple necklace, pearl earrings and a pair of classy heels. Be sure to choose a solid-colored or classic-patterned tee for the best combination.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Casual & Fun

    Casual & Fun

    Pair your printed tees with a fun skirt, shorts or overalls for a chill weekend look.

    For a more creative look, layer a light-colored or cartoon-printed cropped tee over a darker-colored dress for a contrasting, bold outfit. Add to this style with fun accessories and comfortable sneakers.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Bohemian


    Play up your tee with a maxi skirt that’s perfect for going to coachella or a weekend concert.

    Maximize the boho vibe by topping it off with tons of accessories including bangles, headbands, bandanas and sandals.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Bold


    Feeling bold? Find your tees with the craziest patterns like pop art prints, and mix and match clashing patterns and colors for a look that’s hard to miss.

    Go bolder by pairing it with the biggest and most vibrant accessories and platform shoes. Don’t be afraid to stand out and show off your style!

    Recommend Icon - Mock Neck Tee Mock Neck Tee
    Photo Credit:
    Instagram icon@drews_beauty
  • Photo - Mix and Match: Make A Statement

    Make A Statement

    Got something to say? Combine it with jeans or neutral pieces so that your statement tee can do all the talking.

    Wear it with sandals or sneakers for a more casual look.

    Recommend Icon - Cotton Tee Cotton Tee
  • Photo - Mix and Match: Office Attire

    Office Attire

    Depending on how you style it, you can turn a tee that’s typically not associated with the office look into something that’s work appropriate.

    Choose a simple patterned tee to go with a knee length or midi skirt and a light cardigan and flats for a comfortable yet classy outfit.

    Photo Credit:
    Instagram icon@drews_beauty
  • Photo - Mix and Match: School Ready

    School Ready

    Tees are the ultimate go-to choice for a quick and easy outfit for school. For a school appropriate yet stylish ensemble, pick a colorful or bold tee to match with a jean jacket and a neutral-colored skirt.

    No colors or patterns are off limits. Just be sure any words on your tees are nonoffensive and does not violate any school regulations.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Date Night

    Date Night

    Look cute and put together for date nights by going for a girlier style and color tone.

    For example, you can mix a pink-colored cropped top with a floral skater or mermaid skirt. Pair your outfit with girly accessories like dangly earring to make it extra fun and flirty.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Gender Neutral

    Gender Neutral

    Go for that fresh off the runway gender neutral look with an oversized tee, pants, oversized blazer and Oxford shoes.

    You too can look like a model by tucking in the extra fabric of the tee and holding it together with a wide-strap belt.

    Recommend Icon - Oversized Tee Oversized Tee
  • Photo - Mix and Match: Edgy Chic

    Edgy Chic

    Dressing up for a night out on the town? Dig out the most rock n’ roll tee you have in your closet along with your leather pants and pull off a look that’s effortlessly chic.

    Put on a bold red lip and stud-styled accessories to finish off your outfit.

  • Photo - Mix and Match: Creative


    Approach your tee in a modern and more creative style by taking a long tee and pair it with a belt, corset or vest.

    Select more neutral-colored tees to allow the accessories of this style take center stage.

Decoration Image
Decoration Image

Style Up: Change Up Your Tee

Photo - Tee Styling
Got a favorite tee you wear all the time? Try the following ideas to change up your tees and get different looks from just one piece of clothing. To create some of these styles, we recommend using a slightly bigger tee so you can play around with the extra fabric.
  • Tee style 01

    Go for a simple tuck in your tee look. You can tuck in just the front part of your shirt or tuck it in all around.

  • Tee style 02

    Twist and tie the extra fabric into a knot at the front of your shirt. Wrap it around to create a ball shape.

  • Tee style 03

    Want to show off your abs? Take your shirt and pull the extra fabric right below your bust area. Wrap it around and tuck the knot underneath to hide it.

  • Tee style 04

    Go for a cute tank top look by rolling up the sleeves of your tee. Tuck in the bottom of your shirt into a pair of cut-offs and a belt.

  • Tee style 05

    Reveal your lower back by tucking the back of your shirt into the back of your bra while tucking the front part into your pants.

  • Tee style 06

    Gather the sides of your tee, twist and tuck them into your bra for a crop top style.

  • Tee style 07

    Tie one side of your shirt around one of the belt loops in the front of your pants or shorts.

  • Tee style 08

    Take the two sides of your shirt, tie them together in the middle and tuck the ends in.

Decoration Image



Mix solid-colored shirts with loud pieces for contrast. Tuck in your shirt or go for a tighter fit for a more polished look.


When it comes to patterned, statement and bold tees, allow the shirt itself to be the main focus and stand out from the rest of the outfit.

Decoration Image
Decoration Image


Whether you’re incorporating a plain or printed tee into your outfit, there’s no shortage of ways you can spice up your tee and make it into a style that’s yours.

With the right apparel and accessories, you can turn your favorite wardrobe staple into a fashion forward outfit! You don’t have to own any high-end pieces straight off the runway or the latest trendy styles to create an outfit that’s special.

Simply channel your creativity and take a little risk whether in life or your fashion choices!

Stock up on your favorite tees here.