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How do I upload images?

There are two methods for you to upload your images. It depends on which editing tool you use.

For simple editing, you can upload an image directly from the product page by clicking on the Browse button and selecting the image you wish to use. Then click Upload and you will be able to preview the design products where you can make simple editing to your product.

For advanced editing, you can upload multiple images by just the click of a button. We have made this process easier for faster uploading speeds so that is fun and easy to navigate using the advanced Silverlight product designer. To upload an image, click into the My Album tab on the right hand side and search for the file(s) you wish to upload. Once you have selected the file(s), click on the Upload File button. Your selected file(s) should now appear under My Album.

How do I use the simple product designer?

As the name suggests, this is the simplified version where we allow our users to make simple editing to the design, such as resizing and positioning of the image itself. This is embedded into our website and all controls are clearly displayed. Functions for this tool include positioning, resizing and also rotating of the image. If you are unsure on how to perform any of the functions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Are there any basic system requirements to use the Silverlight product designer?

To use the advanced product designer provided by Silverlight, please make sure your computer meets the following requirements.

  • Personal computer running Windows x86 or x64 500MHz or higher processor w/ 128Mb Ram
  • Mac OS 10.4.8+ (Power PC) PowerPC G4 800MHz or higher processor w/ 128Mb Ram
  • Mac OS 10.4.8+ (Intel-based) Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or higher processor w/ 128Mb Ram

What content is not acceptable on CowCow?

Although we encourage creativity and liberal designs, there are some rules that users must be aware of. We reserve the right to modify, remove and / or delete any material that is illegal, obscene, abusive, pornographic, harassing, threatening, defamatory, invading privacy or infringing intellectual property rights.