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What payment methods do we accept?

We make it convenient for our users with a variety of payment methods, however we understand security cannot be compromised in any way. Therefore we offer secure payment methods in the form of credit cards and PayPal. In addition to the mentioned payment methods, you can also use CashDollar to pay for your merchandize.

What is CashDollar?

CashDollar is a monetary value that can be used as credit to purchase goods off this website or can be remitted into your PayPal account.

The CashDollar system also makes it an ideal gift with family and friends who likes to get creative.

How do I know my credit card details are not mishandled?

At CowCow, we treat credit card security with the utmost important as we understand online retailing can give a level of doubt to some. Not only do we use industrialized security measures such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, our system will also feature certified security measure in the form of Verisign.

Why do I have to fill in my credit card details even if I have bought from you before?

Credit card security must be taken seriously as without this trust, we cannot emerge as a successful e-commerce platform. For this reason, we do not store any unencrypted credit card details on any of our servers.

We understand this may be inconvenient to you, however, we feel this is in the best interest for yourself.

Important information with PayPal payments

Although PayPal is recognized as a secure payment method, we must not forget passwords, which must be securely protected and should not be written down or disclosed to anyone. Despite PayPal is used to pay for merchandizes on CowCow, we do not store or are able to gain access to any PayPal passwords. All relevant information is taken by PayPal, and remains on their system.