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Custom CD and DVD Wallets

Store your favourite CDs and DVDs in a leather disc wallet which you can add your designs on!

  • $17.99

  • Create a personalized disc wallet now!

    Precious photos and special memories are priceless but finding the room to store them all can be a challenge. Made of high quality materials with zipper open and close, our discs wallet provides the perfect home for your CDs documenting all your important moments. Light weight, affordable, and durable, our CD wallet is also a helpful bag for music enthusiasts to keep their CD-library or DJ-set organized quick. Allowing two full sides of colour printing and being less susceptible to damage than a brittle jewel case, these CD wallets make a great low cost packaging solution for demos, singles or albums. This CD wallet can hold up to 20 CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs and keep them clean and free from scratching. Organise your favourites in a CD wallet printed with a pre-designed graphic or a photo uploaded by you now!