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A Cautionary Fractal Cake Baked For Glados Herself Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hardshell Case (black)

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Product Details

A beautiful black, yellow, and white striped fractal, wrapping itself in circles around the head of GlLaDOS herself. Her eyes twist and turn in infinite directions, with her surrounding component modules closing in where she can use them. This unique blend of symbol fractals with the Julia Set is a cake fit for the Queen of Memes -- GLaDOS. In this case, the cake is not a lie.

Tired of searching a totally unique cover for your device? What about designing your very own one? This new line of phone cases features a water transfer printing technology which produces much sharper images with vivid colors, prevents your pictures from chipping away. It also allows images to fully wrap around all sides of the case and leaves no visible border at all.

This custom hardshell case is made of rugged, durable material to withstand everyday use, protecting your device from scratches and damage. It is simply the perfect gift for anyone who has a cell phone, including you!
  • Made from durable plastic
  • The case covers the back and corners of your phone
  • Image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect
  • Weighs approximately 16g

SKU: 1324
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