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Cactus Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/ I9505 Case (black)

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Case has taken us by storm ever since its launch. To keep your cell phone to its tip top condition, you need a cover to prevent it from scratches and dirt. We have a line of Samsung Galaxy cases that are bound to make your phone looking slim. Unlike many alternatives on the market, this case is light and allows you to personalize with your favorite design and photo.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Image printed up to the edge using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect
  • Lightweight; weighs approximately 25g
*fits the Galaxy S4 international version (GT-19500/I9505)

SKU: 1150
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Reviews from customers who purchased: Cactus Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/ I9505 Case (Black)
Cactus Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/ I9505 Case (Black)
no protection
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Review: bought a case 3 years ago and loved it. had full coverage and really protected my phone. Bought another one for the same phone a few months ago (gave phone to teen daughter) thinking it would be the same. Does not completely cover sides of phone, Barely clips on. Broke within a week. now there is a huge piece of the cover missing. She loves that she designed her own case and the graphics are great but the case itself is cheap and didn't hold up for even a month of minimal use.
Pros: Able to customize phone case is cool.
Cons: Case itself is cheap, does not fully cover sides of phone. Offers no protection to phone.
Bottom Line: Don't waste your money on this cheap case.
Location:California USA
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Cactus Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/ I9505 Case (Black)
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Recommend For : Myself
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Review: fast shipping good quality.
Pros: fast shipping amazing case.
Cons: no cons .
Bottom Line: buy it !.
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