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The best way to get your thoughts down and organized

Create Your Own Memo Pads and Notebooks
  • Color SWAP

    Users can change to any background color using the color swatch or HEX color code

    Type Your Own

    Users are allowed to change the text on this design

    Lilac Floral Skull  Small Memo Pads by Coralascanbe
    Lilac Floral Skull Small Memo Pads
    By Coralascanbe $15.99

  • Design a Memo Pad and a Notebook yourself

    Combining style and function, stay unique and organized at home, at the office or on the go with personalized memo pads and notebooks. Taking notes with a computer or a tablet is surely fast and easy, but sometimes a glowing screen just can't replace the feel and flexibility of old fashioned paper note. Turn to our personalized memo pads and notebooks when you need to take notes at work or in class, get your thoughts on paper, or work on that brilliant novel you have been planning to write. If you're interested in journaling or logging your life, you should definitely check out our designer collection of memo pads and notebook! If you can’t find a design that you think is best suited for your notebook, pick up our designer tool and design a unique cover yourself! Add your favorite photos or patterns to match your style. Or simply add your name to the notebook. Any way you will end up with a personalized notebook that makes you feel so much more sophisticated in your next meeting or class.?

    by coralascanbe
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