Squirrel  Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
Squirrel  Heart Ornament (2 Sides) FrontSquirrel  Heart Ornament (2 Sides) Back

Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)

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Ceramic ornaments make ideal keepsake and decorative gifts during the holiday season. Popular during the festivities such as Easter and Christmas, these accessories are also suited as in-house embellishing items.

Images are imprinted onto surface using heat dye sublimation technique to prolong longevity. Image will not fade when rubbed or makes contact with water.
Measures approximately 3" x 3".

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
Reviews from customers who purchased: Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
Not good this time
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Recommend For : None
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Product Quality :

Review: I already ordered two ornaments before this one and this one's quality is not so great. The words are not where it suppose to be.
Pros: It's a nice gift idea.
Cons: The words are off center. They printed the words too much to the right.
Bottom Line: I have experienced once in a while www.cowcow.com messed up on printing a where the words or picture should be. For example, the pictures are sometimes too high/low, words not at the place I want (sometimes too right or too left), etc.
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Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
I have been making a variety of one sided ornaments on www.cowcow.com for Christmas since 2010 for both individuals or households in our large extended family. But for our May 20, 2012 wedding I used a two-sided one for a cake topper. I now keep it as a momento on my bedroom dresser. http://www.www.cowcow.com.com/Create/DesignProduct.aspx?DesignId=83341677

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Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
I had one of these made with my grandparents wedding photos and was thrilled with the outcome - I leave it out all year round. I took a photo of the side to show how clean the photos are - they don't bleed over the sides of the ornament and have very clean lines and edges.

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Squirrel Heart Ornament (2 Sides)
I really like this. It totally exceeded my expectations. We keep it out all year. You can just hang it on the wall as though it where a framed photo.
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