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Create unique wall art with custom porcelain plates

Create Your Own Porcelain Plates
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  • Design a personalized porcelain plate

    You think plates can be used just to serve food?...Think twice!... Decorative wall plates can make a unique wall decor for your home. Personalizing a porcelain plate takes the hard work out of searching for beautiful vintage plates to decorate your wall with. Whether used in the kitchen, living area, or bedroom, a personalized decorative plate is a sophisticated accent and a perfect way to display any wonderful memory on the wall. Our personalized porcelain plates are made from the finest porcelain and will add an attractive touch to your restaurant tables, catering dessert stations and party celebration. If your friends are looking to amp up their interior décor, advise them or even buy them a personalized plate to be displayed atop a fireplace or hang between windows! They will be surprised to see how a personalized plate can add vibrancy and detail to any room in the home. Upload your design or look around in our marketplace now.

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