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Shop Magic Cubes - Personalized Magic Cubes

A creative way to showcase your favorite photos at home or office!

Create Your Own Magic Cubes

  • Create a magic photo cube as a gift!

    If you're looking for a photo frame that's not only unique but costs next to nothing to make, a personalized magic photo cube is perfect for you. A personalized photo cube is a great way to show off your favourite pics. Start by choosing pictures from your phone, or from online galleries. You can upload as many as 9 pictures on the photo cube! Better the quality of the photo uploaded by you, better will the photo cube look. And with a pinch of creativity, this photo cube can turn out to be a thoughtful and darling gift to your loved ones, who has been there with you through all the smiles and tears with heartfelt memories that last a lifetime. This personalized photo cube is harder than it looks! Add on the photos any verses or messages and challenge them to solve the photo cube. Get ready for a big, tight hug as they realize your hidden love confessions.

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