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Seashells Flano Scarf (Large)
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Seashells Large Flano Scarf

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A colorful print scarf is the perfect item to jazz up and add personality to an outfit. Create your own flano scarf that is perfect to throw over your ensemble of the day. Personalize it in whatever way you like with colors, prints and photographs. It will be a unique piece that nobody else will have and a great addition to your wardrobe and keep you warm in the cold winter.

  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Length: 15"X80"
  • High Quality
  • Full Print

Attention: Due to bleeding and fabric stretch, the previewed image is only an approximated display of the final product.

SKU: 1652
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
Reviews from customers who purchased: Seashells Flano Scarf (Large)
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Seashells Flano Scarf (Large)
Thick soft shawl
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I was really impressed with how soft and big this "scarf" is. It is big enough to be a shawl. Works best with prints that have a white background because the color of the photo doesn't go all the way into the bottom of the fluffy fibers. It is printed on both sides with is GREAT!.
Pros: Big. Soft. Great color. Printed on both sides.
Cons: Works best with images that have a lot of white in them.
Bottom Line: Wonderful product!.

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Seashells Flano Scarf (Large)
Very nice winter weight fabric with wrong word to describe it
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: In the USA, the fabric used here is called VELOUR. No one here knows what flano means and using Google I could not find it anywhere. You should describe this as a fuzzy heavyweight velour.
Pros: Great color reproduction. Fibrant and rich. Very soft Great for winter.
Cons: Heavy and thick so not good for warm weather. Description of fabric needs to be improved. This is velour in English-speaking world. The back side being white will make it show dirt easy. So I would recommend doing a double-sided design.
Bottom Line: IF you want a nice winter scarf, this will work fine. Not for warm or even moderate temperatures.
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Seashells Flano Scarf (Large)
Not as Expected
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : None
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I am using to launch my own product line with my artwork and for the most part I've been satisfied with the results. But I guess I didn't understand the material of this particular scarf and assume it was a light weight polyester material and not something used for winter weather. Which in my case defeated the purpose since I'm launching a summer line. Anyway, I still feel like I can sell it, but it might just take a bit longer. I know there are people who tend to look ahead for christmas gifts and winter accessories. So we'll see.
Pros: Black image on white fabric turned out pretty well. When you brush your hand against the fabric you do see the white material underneath which is just the nature of the printing process and fabric used. But FYI for anyone whose looking to order. If you want a solid color as the back just upload an image of that color to fit the size requirements.
Cons: Make description of product better somehow? Polyester is polyester yes it was said for winter weather, but image and title seemed a bit deceiving. if the product image showed a model wearing it with snow in the background I think that would've been more effective. The product image showed the scarf wrapped around the neck of a mannequin which at first glance looked like a summery light weight material.
Bottom Line: Satisfied and it's really warm and cozy! Great product overall, just not what I expected.
Location:Wellesley, MA
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