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Seashells Drawstring Pouches (XXL)
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Seashells Drawstring Pouches (XXL)

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This personalized drawstring pouch is perfect to keep your tiny items organized. The bag measures approximately 9" x 12", great for keeping accessories, makeup or any other small bits and bobs while you are traveling. It is made of microfiber material which will not cause scratches or damage on your jewelry.

This bag is so versatile that you can use it as a mobile pouch, spectacles bag, coin purse, camera bag and more.

SKU: 1935
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
Reviews from customers who purchased: Seashells Drawstring Pouches (XXL)
Seashells Drawstring Pouches (XXL)
Great little bags!
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Review: For my first book release, I wanted to do some giveaways, so I bought keychains and handbag mirrors and things from www.cowcow.com. When I thought about how I wanted to package them, lo and behold, these little babies came up on sale. Perfect!.
Pros: Great size, nice color clarity. Made adorable swag-bags.
Cons: I do wish we could have the tie done in different colors, it'd be nice to have a black tie for my black bag.
Bottom Line: Great quality, holds a lot more than you think it would!.

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Seashells Drawstring Pouches (XXL)
Versatile Pouch for Light-Duty
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Review: These pouches are appropriate for carrying items that are not heavy, bulky or have hard/pointed edges. The material is a thin, smooth, light material that in my opinion would not stand-up well to heavy wear and tear. The image quality is very good. The pouch has single stitching with white thread. There is no option for choosing a different colour thread. The drawstring is also white and is made of a synthetic material, probably polyethylene, but it could be easily changed with something else if desired. I intended to use these pouches to hold slippers, but the XXL size is too small for my size 11 shoes. If you have smaller feet it could be suitable for this purpose.
Pros: Good image quality that is suitable for all types of creative designs. Versatile.
Cons: The lightweight material limits its use to lighter objects. White-only single stitching.
Bottom Line: These pouches are a good product for light-duty purposes. I would not recommend them for carrying any electronic equipment such as cameras, tablets, cell phones, etc. as the pouches provide no protection against impact.

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