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Bacon Reusable Bag (L)
Bacon Reusable Bag (L) FrontBacon Reusable Bag (L) Back

Bacon Reusable Bag (l) Full Print Recycle Bag (L)

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Digital fried crispy bacon. Zero calories. Show your love of the salty treat.

This reusable bag can be fully customized with any design. Great for anyone from kids grandparents to do anything from grocery shopping to carrying around school projects. An environmentally friendly, stylish and practical bag that you can take to the streets with pride. Made with hard wearing polyester, it will stay with you for years to come.

  • Water repellent
  • Carry case included
  • Tear resistant
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Made from easy-to-clean polyester
  • Image imprinted using dye sublimation process to ensure everlasting effect
  • 4 different sizes to choose from
  • Approx. dimensions: 18" x 21"

SKU: 1286
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
Reviews from customers who purchased: Bacon Reusable Bag (L)
Bacon Reusable Bag (L)
Very handy shopping bag
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Friends
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: I made several of these bags to give as gifts. The one I kept for myself has really come in handy. I keep it in my purse so that I always have it with me and am never caught without a shopping bag. It would be nice if it didn't have a separate little bag to keep the big bag in. I have a similar style bag that just has an attached strap on it to keep it wrapped up when not in use. I might just sew some velcro onto these bags to give them the same convenience. The photo looks great. The interior is a separate piece of white material.
Pros: Very convenient. Great useful gift.
Cons: Has a separate little bag to put the big bag in when not in use. Would be easy to lose that little bag.
Bottom Line: Great gift!.

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Bacon Reusable Bag (L)
Great item!
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Myself
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: This is not the first I order of these. They are really great!

I always have them in my bag, so they are near when i'm out shopping.

They don't hurt in your hands like plastic bags. And you can wash them again and again without they're fading.

This one is for a friend who really love mine and borrows them once in a while. Now she have her own :D.
Pros: Everything. You can personalized every inch of it. You can wash it again and again. The colours are still bright. The fabric is light and thin, so it don't takes up to much space. But it's still strong.
Cons: None!.
Bottom Line: Go get one, or more.. !.

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Bacon Reusable Bag (L)
I love these new bags!
Overall Rating :
Recommend For : Friends
Print Quality :
Product Quality :

Review: These new full print bags are wonderful. I love that I can put one large photo or several smaller ones on the bag. The material is soft but yet so strong. It will hold dozens of cans or bottles. They also wash beautifully. I keep several in my car at all times and two in my www.cowcow.com backpack. The store employees always comment on my recycle bags. One employee said, "Do you know that guy?' I said, "Yes, he is my husband". He said, "How did you get him on there?".
Pros: Perfect size when grocery shopping, great colors, washable, and lovely material.
Bottom Line: These are one of my favorite www.cowcow.com products. They make great stocking stuffers.
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