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Alphabet Shirtjhjervbretili Flano Scarf (Mini)
Alphabet Shirtjhjervbretili Flano Scarf (Mini) FrontAlphabet Shirtjhjervbretili Flano Scarf (Mini) Back

Alphabet Shirtjhjervbretili Flano Scarf (Mini)

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Alphabet Shirtjhjervbretili

A colorful print scarf is the perfect item to jazz up and add personality to an outfit. Create your own flano scarf that is perfect to throw over your ensemble of the day. Personalize it in whatever way you like with colors, prints and photographs. It will be a unique piece that nobody else will have and a great addition to your wardrobe and keep you warm in the cold winter.

  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Length: 8"X45"
  • High Quality
  • Full Print

SKU: 1716
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