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Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag
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Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag

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Alphabet Shirt

This 100% heavyweight 12 oz top quality cotton/polyester blended canvas fabric tote bag holds all of your goodies in style. Top quality with extra wide and long straps that offers exceptional functionality and carrying comfort.

  • Made from canvas material
  • Measures: 17.5"h x 13.5"w.
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Washable
  • Non-fading and non-toxic

  • Please note that due to the limited printing area, patterns used on the straps may be trimmed. In addition, photos and text are also not recommended for this area.

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    Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item
    Reviews from customers who purchased: Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag
    Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag
    Images turned out great
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Others
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: The print turned out better than expected. Production and shipping was really quick.
    Pros: The print came out really nice!! The colours were vibrant and the images were printed really well. Shipping was also super quick. Love he fact you can change the colour of the handles, i made most of mine black but should have taken advantage of that and coloured them.
    Cons: Only issues i have is how thin the fabric is (although some people might prefer that) and how thin the straps are. There was also a mark on one of the bags, but that could have been during shipping and isn't too noticable.
    Bottom Line: i'd be more than happy purchasing more totes in the future.

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    Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag
    A must-have item
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Myself
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: I purchased both the zipper version and the non-zipper version tote bags for my artwork. I absolutely love both, but prefer the zipper one since you can secure your items easier. One of my friends, a fellow artist, also likes the zipper version for the same reason. :D

    Print quality is amazing. In fact, I've had at least 10-15 bags made for my conventions. The colors always come out rich and brilliant and the details of my art are there. I also like how sturdy the material it is.

    I actually showed my tote bags to a coworker. We work at a high-end clothing store. My coworker has a keen eye for materials and colors. Even he was impressive by how well my art printed on these bags and how sturdy they felt.

    Like the non-zipper tote bag version, you can also customize the color of your handle. I really appreciate the wide selection I have since basic colors don't always work with my designs. Luckily, there are enough patterns and color tones I can use to compliment my art. :).
    Pros: Zipper for extra security Prints out brilliantly Sturdy material Handle you can customize.
    Bottom Line: The best bag in town! A perfect item for you, a friend, or customer.
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    Alphabet Shirt Zipper Classic Tote Bag
    Love it
    Overall Rating :
    Recommend For : Friends
    Print Quality :
    Product Quality :

    Review: It's amazing that I can design my bags and the quality is really good. I am happy with the frequent deals.
    Pros: Love it ...I can do it.
    Bottom Line: It brings out your creativity.
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