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Alphabet Shirt Nokia Lumia 1520
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Alphabet Shirt Nokia Lumia 1520

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Alphabet Shirt

Tired of searching a totally unique cover for your device? What about designing your very own one? This new line of phone cases features a water transfer printing technology which produces much sharper images with vivid colors, prevents your pictures from chipping away. It also allows images to fully wrap around all sides of the case and leaves no visible border at all.

This custom hardshell case is made of rugged, durable material to withstand everyday use, protecting your device from scratches and damage. It is simply the perfect gift for anyone who has a cell phone, including you!

  • Made from durable plastic
  • The case covers the back and corners of your phone
  • Image printed over the edge and around the sides of the case
  • Weighs approximately 21g

SKU: 1298
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Reviews from customers who purchased: Alphabet Shirt Nokia Lumia 1520
Alphabet Shirt Nokia Lumia 1520
Not impressed
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Review: I waited over a month for this case to arrive which I understand due to it being an international order but I wasn't too happy with what I ended up with. The colouring was off - meaning less vibrant, and can be explained due to different monitor colour calibrations but it is such a dramatic difference that's it's highly noticeable. The case itself is quite flimsy, and feels like it would break with one drop. Also, a spot on the main image has a chip in the colouring where it's most obvious and was immediately noticeable when taken out of the packaging. If the image is already chipped before its been place on the phone, that doesn't bode well for future use.
Pros: - Custom imaging - Low profile case, doesn't add girth to an already hefty phone.
Cons: - As a Canadian, due to exchange rates and shipping costs, the product wasn't worth what I paid for it. - Colour us dull and no where near the original image - Image was chipped on arrival - Case will offer little protection if phone is dropped .
Bottom Line: Unfortunately, due to the overall quality of the product, image printing and the cost, I highly doubt I'll be ordering from www.cowcow.com again. .
Location:British Columbia, Canada
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